ESHAC: (Every Song Has a Chance)

In a dimly lit room in the back of Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, Amerigogo clad in their signature red, gets the crowd worked up with some rocky dance tunes with a toe-tapping, head-bobbing beat. On this particular night the band celebrates the release of their first-ever full-length album, “Made in Amerigo-go,” their official EP. They ask the crowd to get up and dance to which they happily oblige. After a rousing set finishing off their latest residency at Pete’s we have the chance to sit down with the band and get to know them better while discussing jet planes and watermelon beer, and the importance of robot-less music. In this two-part story, we invite you to meet your Eshac Artists, Amerigogo.

-Nancy Bruce for “ESHAC”

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Amerigogo Live at Pete's Candy Store

Amerigogo Live at Pete’s Candy Store









The Culture Whore:

“By the third or fourth number, I wore a wide smile; I was truly entertained by AmeriGoGo. These guys were not only comfortable on stage, they were happy and non-brooding (sigh of relief). Windsor in particular was a joy to behold. With his head nearly bumping the ceiling, the lanky vocalist boogied about stage in salmon pants and shone with charisma in and out of song. He was thrilled by his audience, thrilled by their ability to inspire momentum and presence in the band and its music. His vocal breadth was impressive but restrained (complemented by harmonies from synth-canoodler Matt Robbins), and his stage presence was accessible while also pleasantly bizarre.”

-Will Simpson for “The Culture Whore

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Welcome to the big show

Welcome to the big show