Amerigogo’s brand of DiscoPunk has been flooding the Brooklyn and NYC scene for the last year. The band flies its banner of “Dance Pants and Romance” as a symbol of its core foundations in their music. Their tunes are earworms that crawl inside your head, lay eggs and burst into a million infectious DiscoPunk sounds.

Amerigogo’s frontman Windsor has been writing and producing his own songs in his garage for the past decade. After meeting with guitarist Prudnikov in 2008, Windsor was inspired to pour all of his efforts into forming a band. He struck gold in 2011 when he met drummer Lytle and synth player Mondry at a performance of Twelfth Night in New York City. Lytle brought a college friend, bassist Surdovel, into the fold, and the band was a go-go.

The band helped to raise $1200 for local non-profit “Emergency USA,” a nonprofit organization that provides support for medical care, rehabilitation and relief efforts for the victims of wars, land mines, poverty and natural disasters around the world.

Amerigogo’s debut EP, “Made in Amerigogo” was self-released by Windsor’s Merge Media Records in August 2013.


Nathan Windsor (lead vocals/guitar)

Jacob Mondry (keyboard/vocals)

Andrew Prudnikov (guitar)

Sean Surdovel (bass, vocals)

Teddy Lytle (drums, vocals)